The Black Forest is a true paradise for adventure seekers. From exciting hiking trails through dense forests to action-packed mountain bike trails, the region offers countless opportunities for thrills. Particularly outstanding is the summer toboggan run in Gutach, which delights with rapid descents through the beautiful landscape. For those seeking an adrenaline rush high above the treetops, the Zip Line in Schramberg is an absolute must. Here, adventurers of all ages can enjoy exciting and unforgettable experiences amidst the nature of the Black Forest.

Furthermore, numerous leisure pools, lakes, and adventure trails provide adventures for the whole family and unforgettable moments. Dive in and experience more fascinating attractions that make a visit to the region around Hornberg and Ortenaukreis in the Black Forest absolutely unforgettable.

Hiking in the Black Forest

is an experience for nature and outdoor enthusiasts. For example, in the Kinzigtal, which impresses with its more than 25 side valleys, offering a diverse natural and cultural landscape over just a few kilometers.

Over 100 tours for pleasure hikers and long-distance hikers have been compiled by hiking experts of the Kinzigtal: This includes ascents to almost 1,000 meters high peaks of the central Black Forest, through tranquil mountain valleys, colorful mixed forests, and orchards. And for the younger ones, there are enticing adventure trails.

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The Hornberg Open-Air Theater,

located in the charming town of Hornberg in the Black Forest, is a popular cultural destination. Since its founding in 1924, it has attracted visitors with its picturesque natural backdrop and a wide repertoire of classic plays to contemporary dramas and comedies. The theater festival in the summer is particularly popular. Local talents contribute to the unique charm of the performances, which take place outdoors. The Hornberg Open-Air Theater offers an unforgettable combination of art and nature, making every visit an experience.

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The Gutach Sommerrodelbahn

(Summer Toboggan Run)

is a highlight of the region, harmoniously nestled into the forested hills of the Black Forest. The charming landscape of the holiday region offers unique views for visitors during the descent. With speeds of up to 40 km/h, the bobsled riders safely zoom down the track, navigating jumps and turns along the way. After the ride, guests can relax in the spacious beer garden and enjoy hospitality with cool drinks and delicious food. For children of all ages, there are additional highlights such as a playground, electric toy cars, and an exciting digger landscape. The Gutach Summer Toboggan Run promises an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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In the Park mit allen Sinnen,

(Park with All Senses)

you can experience a over 2 km long barefoot path with varying surfaces, leading you to scent pavilions, sensory stations, and experiential spaces in the forest and on natural meadows.

Starting in May, you can stroll through the flower tunnels or relax to soothing music on the music terrace and in the experiential spaces. Alternatively, the picnic area invites you to simply unwind and relax. Of course, you can also visit the park with shoes! And even in bad weather, you'll feel cheerful in the "Park with All Senses."

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Adventure golf,

inspired by the USA, has been extremely popular there for decades and continues to set new records with themed mega parks. In Germany, the theme is still somewhat neglected, which is why we have incorporated the original concept more strongly into the design of our adventure golf park. With spectacular obstacles and real golf putters, we offer an experience that goes far beyond traditional mini-golf.

In our park, you can not only play on 16 artificial turf courses but also experience two natural grass courses with lengths of up to 40 meters.

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With the Hirschgrund Zipline Area Schwarzwald,

you dive straight into the heart of the Black Forest and experience it up close: On seven ziplines, you'll fly over valleys and hills, traverse the forest, and glide at eye level with the treetops and birds. Flying at a speed of 60 km/h, you'll soar into another world - leaving everyday thoughts far below as you enjoy the freedom above the canopy.

The longest individual track stretches over 570 meters and is over 80 meters high - the longest natural zip line in Germany! In total, you'll experience 1.6 km of steel cable across seven tracks.

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The historic silver mine "Segen Gottes"

is one of the most significant old mines in the Black Forest and is an impressive testament to around 800 years of mining history. In the mine, silver-bearing veins of rare beauty are accessible on three levels.

In addition to crystal druses, sinters, and stalactites, which few other visitor mines in Baden-Württemberg can boast, hewn tunnels in excellent condition as well as historical winding chambers, timbered door frames, and work platforms captivate visitors with their historical value.

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Cycling in the Black Forest

offers numerous bike paths that invite you to explore the holiday region on two wheels. Whether on family-friendly routes, challenging mountain bike trails, or picturesque e-bike paths, the Kinzigtal has something for every active holidaymaker to fulfill their needs and enjoy unforgettable cycling experiences.

From leisurely outings to action-packed adventures, the region offers a variety of opportunities to discover the breathtaking landscape of the Black Forest and experience the freedom of cycling to the fullest.

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The Urenkopf Observation Tower

in Haslach (554 m above sea level) is a popular destination in the Black Forest. From the platform, visitors enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the surrounding landscape, including forests, hills, and valleys. The tower is accessible via well-maintained hiking trails, offering nature and hiking enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the beauty of the region.

The tower is accessible only on foot, and there are various routes of varying lengths leading to the tower. The shortest route starts at the "Wanderparkplatz Urenkopfturm" (B294) and takes 25 minutes to reach the destination.

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At the Nature Adventure Park in Waldkirch, you'll find the Treetop Walk, stretching over 200 meters and reaching 23 meters high into the canopy. It's accessible via a 1,200-meter sensory trail, allowing you to observe life in the treetops up close. The wooden planks along the park's slope ascend on a gentle steel structure, making them accessible even with strollers or wheelchairs. From above, you'll enjoy expansive views of the surrounding Black Forest mountains, across the Rhine Valley to the Vosges Mountains. Additionally, there's an adventure and barefoot path, as well as a treehouse with a children's slide, providing fun and excitement for the whole family.

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The Alternative Wolf and Bear Park

in Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach in the Black Forest is a wildlife conservation project of the Bear Foundation. Here, rescued bears, wolves, and lynxes from poor living conditions find a new, natural home. A visit to this park is not just an ordinary experience, but an extraordinary project of the BEAR Foundation.

In addition to observing bears, wolves, and lynxes, visitors can enjoy a natural playground, an exciting explorer trail, guided tours and events, as well as freshly prepared food and refreshments at the Bear View Blockhouse.

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More popular adventures:

  • Downhill carts at Mehliskopf
  • Ballooning in Müllheim
  • Crime escape experience "The Salt Secret" in Bad Dürrheim
  • Archery at the Biederbach Archery Course
  • Europa-Park Rust
  • And much more!

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